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20-in-1 Baby Nail File Kit - Blue

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  • NAIL CUTTING MADE EASY: Designed to SAFELY and QUICKLY trim and polish little toe and fingernails for both BABIES and ADULTS. It is super soft and will NOT DAMAGE cuticles and nail beds.
  • 20 in 1 VALUE SET: Each set comes with 6 baby and children friendly cushioned file head attachments, and 4 file head attachments for adults (including 1 special tool for callus removal). BONUS: 8 EXTRA replacement emery file pads!! You will almost never need to buy replacement files!
  • WHISPER QUIET & LED LIGHTED: Powered by a powerful but WHISPER QUIET motor. With a LED light aimed at fingernails, you can trim your baby's nails even while they are asleep!
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE DESIGN: Super EASY TO USE with only 1 button to control speed and rotation (clockwise/counter-clockwise). Powered by two AA batteries, it can sustain for long time usage. Each set comes with a travel case for easier storage and portability.

Get everything you need to trim and polish baby's toe & fingernails gently and easily with Baby Electric Nail Trimmer Set, designed for all ages! The Baby Electric Nail Trimmer 20 in 1 Value Set Each Box comes with: 1 main unit, 1 hard storage & travel case, 6 filing attachments tools for baby, 4 filing attachments tools for adults (including one unique metal cone tool for callus removal), 8 adhesive replacement emery pads (6 for baby & 2 for adults), 1 user manual with detailed instructions. You will almost never need to buy replacement pads/files! Effortless nail trimming for all ages! Safe and gentle, no more crying, no more worrying when trimming baby's soft nails. Foam cushion under emery pads helps you to file little nails without harming surrounding skin. The safe nail grooming set will not injure cuticles and soft nail beds. Effective for little toenails & fingernails. Your baby will not feel a thing! Slow and Fast rotating/trimming speed choices allows you to trim and polish both toenails and fingernails into desired shape in under 5 minutes, while maintaining safety. Soft LED light aimed at nails allows you to see nail tip even in darkness. Trimming little one's nails during bedtime becomes easy! 

Nail trimmer pads with different colors and strengths can be used to suit your nail filling needs for babies, children and adults. Suggested Use: Orange: 0-3 months; Green: 4-11 months; Blue: 12 months+; Metal Pad: Adults; White/Soft Pad: Adults; Metal Cylinder : Adults; Metal Cone: Adults.