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Travel Diaper Changing Pad - Grey

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  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The portable baby changing station is very lightweight and compact when folded so you can change your baby's diaper anywhere. The waterproof baby changing pad is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: This super soft portable baby mat, which measures 26.3 x 22 inches, gives your baby plenty of space to stretch their bodies. The memory foam pillow keeps the babies head comfy and safe. 
  • EASY USE: The fast-opening design makes the portable baby pad easy to operate with one hand and easy to fold and expand. It's perfect for busy moms or dads, designed for you to quickly change your baby's diapers anytime and anywhere.

Are you looking for the best changing pad for your baby or toddler when you are on the move? Our changing pad station is a lightweight, compact and elegant clutch when folded. When unfolded it becomes a very practical changing pad with a comfortable head cushion and fold out wings. As you never know where you’ll have to change your baby’s diaper while you are out of your house, having a clean, soft surface ready when you need it can be a real lifesaver. The baby changing pad will help keep your baby comfortable and safe when you are on the move in a variety of public spaces or simply at home. The foldable, compact, portable diaper pad can be put in your diaper backpack be hung on the stroller, or on parent's wrist. Measure 26.3'' x 22'' this portable baby mat gives your baby plenty of space to stretch their bodies. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, this changing pad is easy to open with one hand and set up. Simply wipe clean with sanitizer or wet wipes to keep your portable diaper mat clean and fresh for the next use.